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Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Huntington Beach California

Ultrasound Technologist I:

The Ultrasound Technologist I is a registered professional. Under the Technical Supervisor and Medical Director’s direction, performs routine ultrasound procedures in the department. Performs basic computer and clerical functions. The technologist will use independent judgment and necessary skills in order to obtain high quality ultrasound images. Call responsibility.


Ultrasound Technologist II:

Includes all of the above, performs advanced ultrasound procedures, and a minimum of three years continuous hospital ultrasound experience or equivalent. Technologist possesses the skills required to perform ultrasound exams of a special or highly sophisticated nature, acts as a facilitator/teacher of technique and perform advanced ancillary functions.


All Ultrasound technologists must project an image of professionalism in communication, appearance and conduct. They must support the Radiology Department mission, maintain a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures and perform other duties as assigned.


Essential Functions

Ultrasound Tech I

• Correctly identifies patient prior to procedure (Patient Name, DOB, Ordering MD and/or wristband) 100 % of the time

• Performs proper exam, verifies physician’s order and questions discrepancies prior to procedure 100% of the time.

• Properly identifies all images to include patient name, MR #, age, DOS, ordering MD, technologist initials and order number 100% of the time.

• Technologist educates the patient/family about the procedure. Pre/post procedure instructions given based on the age and understanding of the patient/family. Understanding is verified.

• Accurately and consistently provides additional views or images to optimally demonstrate anatomy or pathology and follows established exam protocols.

• Continuously demonstrates initiative by comforting the patient during interventional procedures. Anticipates the needs of the physician.

• Technologist takes measures to provide and care for the patient’s safety and properly utilizes procedure related patient care/support devices appropriate for the age of the patient. (e.g. Pigg-OStat, brat board, procedure immobilization, table pad, extremity protection devices, etc.)

• All required documentation is complete within established time frame 100% of the time without reminder.

• Maintains even workflow without assistance, can accommodate changes in workload and volunteers for additional assignments.

• Keeps supervisor informed when problems may interfere with work being completed on time.

• Technologist demonstrates proper patient assessment skills (neonate, infant, pediatric, adolescent, geriatric) when planning imaging needs. Promptly reports all changes in patient’s status including initiating emergency response when warranted.

• Maintains complete knowledge of aseptic principles.

• Able and willing to cover in any area of the department on a continual basis and encourages teamwork. Demonstrates flexibility in accepting schedule and work assignments.

• Demonstrates exam competency, proficiency for level of experience as demonstrated on annual competency evaluation.

• Demonstrates knowledge in use of spectral and color Doppler to enhance and complete exams.

• Demonstrates knowledge of anatomy and vasculature.

• Reliably and consistently recognizes unusual pathology and appropriately utilizes all techniques to document accordingly.

• Learns, masters and applies new techniques in scanning.

• Documents and reports Ultrasound equipment malfunctions to the appropriate personnel.

• Demonstrates proficiency on the PACS and Digisonics printer and promptly reports malfunctions.

• Demonstrates proficiency on the PACS systems including patient identification use of exam accession number and promptly reports malfunctions.

• Consistently wears nametag when on hospital premise.

• Accurately performs computer functions in the radiology information system (RIS) and hospital information system (HIS).

• Consistently and accurately charges exams when ending procedures on a real time basis utilizing the radiology information system (RIS).

• Maintains a clean, well-organized, and properly stocked work area. Leaves assigned room clean at the end of each exam.

• Maintains current knowledge of departmental updates and Policy & Procedures changes by reading memos and updates and attending department staff meetings.

• Advances job knowledge by attending outside conferences and sharing the information at educational inservice meetings.

• Participates in quality improvement activities for departmental and section specific processes (i.e.; consistently completes patient wait time data).

• Consistently and accurately documents procedure errors and/or patient events following the appropriate protocol (event reporting).

• Assists with receipt, distribution, and storage of supplies.

• Willingly accepts call assignments and promptly responds to on-call cases within allotted time


• Clinical Care: Ensure that quality patient care is delivered to all patients on a 24-hour basis, and the unit is maintained in accordance with professional and regulatory standards and the philosophy and goals of Hoag.

• Perform other duties as assigned.


Ultrasound Technologist II In addition to the above the Ultrasound Technologist II will include the following:

• Proficient in advanced Ultrasound procedures including carotid and hysterosonograms. Participates in the training of new employees, offers guidance, assistance and direction to less experienced personnel.

• Efficiently organizes the flow of patients through the department, accommodating requests for stat add- ones, working them into the schedule.

• Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances to promote cooperation and minimize disruption to working environment.

• Responds appropriately to inquiries and complaints.

• Reports to the Supervisor in a timely manner all “near misses”, potential, and actual errors by accurately completing event reports.

• Consistently handles workflow problems and stressful situations in a controlled manner.

• Consistently guides and informs radiologist of pending procedures and any changes to the schedule.

• Consistently and accurately checks all procedures for technical quality, proper charging and overall completeness.

• Consistently reviews next day schedule for special needs (i.e. specific tech or radiologist needed to perform procedure, special equipment needs, etc.)


Education, Training and Experience


• Graduate of an ARDMS approved program or equivalent

• ARDMS registered • CPR Certified


Skills or Other Qualifications


Ultrasound Technologist I:

Good interpersonal and communication skills. Knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control. Ability to follow instructions. Demonstrate clinical proficiency specific to age of population served. Must be proficient in criteria described in attached evaluation form. Demonstrates competency and proficiency in the following Level I procedures as determined by annual competency evaluation. All routine procedures including abdomen, pelvis, obstetrical/gynecological, thyroid, small parts, extremity, and venous studies. Must be proficient in the use of the all equipment and transducers, hospital information system (Affinity), the radiology information system (RIS) and PACS. Must document all equipment malfunctions appropriately. Performs service recovery.


Ultrasound Technologist II:

Includes all of the above and demonstrates competency, proficiency and assists in training of the following Level II advanced procedures where applicable, as determined by annual competency evaluation All routine procedures including hysterosonograms and carotid ultrasound exams. Responsible for orientation and training of new personnel. Directs patient flow as needed. Perfoms service recovery


License and Certifications


ARDMS registered and CPR Certified