Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Irvine California

The Transcriptionist is responsible for the performance of complete and timely reporting of patient diagnosis through transcription and secretarial activities. They project an image of professionalism in communication, appearance and conduct. The Transcriptionist supports  the HMG-HMTS mission. They participate in the continuous quality improvement process. The Transcriptionist maintains a working knowledge of departmental standard operating procedures. This knowledge may include the use of specialized instrumentation, Quality Control requirements, and preventive maintenance. The Transcriptionist performs other duties as assigned.


Essential Functions: 

  • Performs job function in accordance with departmental policies and procedures.
  • Maintains current knowledge of departmental updates and Policy & Procedures.
  • Accommodates changes in workload within the department.
  • Performs procedures within established turn-around-times.
  • During light workload situations, uses time to departmental advantage by performing
    additional tasks/duties for the department.
  • Maintains clean well organized, and properly stocked work areas.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in accepting schedule and work assignments.
  • Keeps Supervisor or Lead appropriately informed when problems or unusual situations arise.
  • Exercises authority when appropriate, recognizing needs and directing activities to
    departmental advantage.
  • Participates in efforts to improve the department through participation in QI activities.
  • Participates in the training of new employees, and offers guidance, assistance and direction
    to less experienced personnel.
  • Demonstrates problem solving initiative and problem solving skills which include
    appropriate actions, follow up and documentation.
  • Adapts to changes or unusual circumstances to promote cooperation and minimize
    disruption to working environment.
  • Responds in a positive manner when discussing errors and offers suggestions for error
  • Responds in a calm professional manner to inquiries, complaints, and problems.
  • Reports all "near misses" potential and actual errors to the Supervisor or Lead in a
    timely manner.
  • Accurately performs computer functions.
  • Assists with ordering, receipt, distribution, and storage of supplies.
  • Actively participates in the hiring of new employees.
  • Provides adequate/flexible staffing in section to handle workload.
  • Participates in reviewing, revising and developing policies and procedures for the
  • Accepts responsibility to act as a resource for technical questions or complaints.


Skills or Other Qualifications


  • Fast, accurate typing, transcription skills, filing, phone skills.  Previous experience in Pathology transcribing required.  Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions, knowledge of section specific test information and instrumentation may be required.
  • Previous experience with EMR systems – electronic medical record.

Preferred:  N/A


License and Certifications

Required: N/A

Preferred: N/A

Basic Qualifications