Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Irvine California

Job Summary: 

Supply Chain Operations Supervisor is responsible for the daily operations of the Inventory Control, Storeroom, Shipping & Receiving. Responsible for ensuring that hospital policies covering these and related areas are adhered to. Evaluates employee performance, maintains storeroom par levels, review min/max, ensures that overstock is reviewed daily and adjusts inventory when applicable. Recommends policies when and where appropriate. Is readily available to hospital departments to assist in their materials handling procedures to ensure appropriate controls.


Essential Functions

  • Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, and organizational ability.
  • Maintains and demonstrates a positive attitude and an interest in developing good working relationships with others.
  • Provides effective and efficient materials support to all hospital operating departments.
  • Develops and trains strong and knowledgeable Leads and Clerk’s in Inventory Control, Shipping & Receiving.
  • Follows legal guidelines in hiring, discipline and termination as outlined in the personnel manual.
  • Pro-actively consults Human Resources in handling potential problems.
  • Holds and documents regular staff meetings.
  • Completes and supervises monthly duty schedules for the department.
  • Creates open environment where staff are encouraged to initiate communication with Supervisor.
  • Informs Director of problems, critical issues, and or new requirements as they occur
  • Institutes appropriate control and accounting procedures throughout the Storeroom.
  • Manages and maintain the Storeroom inventory.
  • Coordinates any changes in ordering/delivery procedures of stock items with departments.
  • Ensures timely delivery of stock supplies and special orders to hospital department and user areas.
  • Provides on-going planning and organizing for the efficient and economical movement of the stock inventory.
  • Ensures all patient care and departmental standards met regulatory requirements on a continual basis.
  • Knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures, infection control practices, and ability to follow instructions.
  • Ensures safe work environment.
  • Ensures that all repair/maintenance documents are maintained and reported to the Operations Manager and Director. Forklift, electric pallet jacks, and vehicles.
  • Holds employees accountable for compliance with hospital administrative policies and  department specific policies.
  • Assesses education needs (knowledge, skills and competencies) of employees, works with them to develop an educational plan and hold them accountable for attendance.
  • Models and promotes a customer service orientation.
  • Emphasizes customer service as a high priority.
  • Takes a pro-active approach to solving problems.
  • Holds employees accountable for behavior and attitudes toward customers and for follow-up to  customer concerns.
  • Establishes work standards and high performance expectations for self and employees.
  • Delegates tasks and authority effectively.
  • Coaches employees for improved performance in problem areas in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for planning departmental functions and activities both short and long term.
  • Development and operation of an efficient and effective Inventory Management strategy.
  • Attends annual management education sessions (at least one internal program to foster team building), as mutually determined by Director.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Education, Training and Experience


  • High school diploma or equivalent work experience required.
  • One year previous storeroom experience in a hospital preferred.
  • Knowledge of shipping/receiving record maintenance, medical supplies, and ordering.
  • Must be available for weekend schedule as required
  • Must have valid California Drivers License, and be accepted by the hospital insurance carrier required.
  • Must have knowledge with computer software. (i.e. Excel, Word, Access).


  • Bachelor’s degree


Skills or Other Qualifications


  • Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, self-motivated, self-disciplined.
  • Must be able to speak, read, and write in English.
Basic Qualifications