Stephenson Cancer Center - Retail Staff Pharmacist (Project Management):
University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Stephenson Cancer Center - Retail Staff Pharmacist (Project Management)OU Physicians is Oklahoma's largest physiciangroup andencompasses almost every adult and child specialty. This position is located in the Stephenson Cancer Center at the Retail Pharmacy. POSITION INFORMATION: Responsible for the proper compounding, dispensing, reviewing and verifying of prescribed medications within regulatory guidelines. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: Orders and receives pharmaceutical supplies, prepares and dispenses pharmaceuticals, prepares billing statements, and assists with the manufacturing of reagent kits. Compounds and dispenses medications, following prescriptions issued by physician, dentist or other authorized medical practitioner. Weighs, measures, and mixes drugs and other medicinal compounds, and fills bottles or capsules with correct quantity and composition of preparation. Ensures that patient understands prescribed instructions and advises patient regarding storage for prescription medication. Stores and preserves biological, vaccines, serums, and other drugs subject to deterioration, utilizing refrigeration and other methods. Orders and maintains supply of drugs, chemicals, and other pharmaceutical stock. May instruct interns and other medical personnel on matters pertaining to pharmacy, or teach in the College of Pharmacy. Maintains records on all prescriptions filled and computes and records charges for billing purposes. Provides information to physician and other staff members on availability of new drugs, warnings on currently marketed drugs, and incompatibility of certain drugs. Assists in manufacture of reagent kits for use by HSC Pharmacy. Maintains records of controlled substances. Removes outdated and damaged drugs from the pharmacy. Complies with State and Federal drug laws as regulated by the State Board of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Performs duties as assigned to successfully fulfill the functions of the position. Education: Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy or PharmD Experience:12 months experience as a Pharmacist Certifications/Licenses: Must be a licensed Pharmacist by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy or obtain licensure within 90 days of hire. Must possess or be able to obtain an Oklahoma Preceptor's license by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy within one year of hire. Skills: Basic computer skills Detail oriented for accuracy of data and information Ability to communicate verbally and in writing Ability to accurately read and understand written materials and instructions Ability to build a rapport with students, faculty, and staff.Strong initiative to solve problems Customer service Ability to supervise, communicate directions, and expectations Preferred: Completion of a PGY2 oncology accredited residency and BCOP (Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist).