Staff Pharmacist - Retail (prn) Rotating:
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon Connecticut
Compounds and dispenses medications and pharmaceutical preparations according to authorized prescription within regulatory guidelines. Performs routine tests on drugs.

Responsibilities: A listing of the key responsibilities
  1. Counsels each patient on disease state, use of drug interactions, side effects and other information.
  2. Answers inquiries from medical professionals on drug therapy and drug products. Assists medical professionals in providing drug products and information to patients.
  3. Utilizes and supervises technicians to maintain an accurate and efficient outpatient pharmacy system.
  4. Counsels, assists, and coordinates patient use of third party insurance for prescription services.
  5. Develops and maintains an effective inventory management system.
  6. Maintains outpatient computer system.
  7. Conducts educational programs for patients, technicians, health professionals and the general public within and outside the Medical Center.
  8. Maintains quality assurance program for the outpatient pharmacy.
  9. Maintains required Hospital, State and Federal records and assures compliance with State and Federal laws.
  10. Maintains appropriate records to monitor financial position of outpatient pharmacy services. Participates in and coordinates all purchases.
  11. Acts as a resource to other staff members, and assists in the supervision of assigned employees. Provides input to Pharmacy Manager for employee performance appraisals.
  12. Performs other duties as required or assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceuticals.

Required Licensure/Certification Skills:
NH licensure with at least a 1 year internship required.

Basic Qualifications