Pharmacy Technician Refill Specialist - Infusion:

Patient Care and Retention Represent the Company's pharmacy service model and reflect corporate image in all interactions.Work in coordination with reimbursement and pharmacy to ensure proper medication orders, timely delivery and proper care and follow through for all patient medication needs, as assigned.Utilize phone, computer and other communication devices. May be called upon for information or assistance in the event of a patient emergency.Responsible for patient records and notations. Patient notes must be accurate, timely and appropriately documented in CPR+, as directed by pharmacy operations team.Receive and input patient referrals when appropriate from direct patient referral sources and/or RCC.Attend group meetings and events as requested by supervisor.Assist the sales team if needed on physician visits and/or local/regional events.Participate in biweekly specialty sales update calls.Interact with internal pharmacy teams, referring/prescribing physicians, nurses and customer/patients, as appropriate.Regular ongoing/continual contact with patients as necessary to maintain patient relationship, business and proper medication profile and in-home medication for treatment.Maintain minimum monthly communication/contact with patients as necessary to maintain patient relationship, business and proper medication profile and in-home medication for treatment.Obtain necessary information and generate patient new/refill orders in a timely manner.May provide delivery service to patients when necessary and approved by direct supervisor.Obtain information necessary for continuity of care and timely reimbursement processes, including, but not limited to - updated patient statistics (weight, height, etc.), allergies, updated health issues, insurance changes, etc. (should be obtained by a monthly patient checklist).Track and confirm delivery arrival with patient and obtain paper delivery signatures. Document every patient delivery as directed by Pharmacy Operations Team.Partner with internal staff to resolve delivery issues when medication deliveries are delayed for any reason.Work closely with patients, pharmacy and internal staff in the event of a medication recall.Continuously strive to improve processes, service quality to internal and external customers.Communicate thoroughly, timely and regularly with direct supervisor.Comply with Company policies and procedures. Work in a safe manner and report any injury, safety hazard or program violation.Ensure that personal conduct, all communications and home office space is consistent with HIPPA Compliance program.Other duties as assigned.