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AIDS Healthcare Foundation
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Does the idea of doing something that really makes a difference in people's lives while being well-compensated intrigue you? Are you looking to work for an organization that encourages growth and success from each and every one of its employees?
*If so, AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the place for you!*
Founded in 1987, AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the largest specialized provider of HIV/AIDS medical care in the nation. Our mission is to provide cutting edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay. Through our healthcare centers, pharmacies, health plan, research and other activities, AHF provides access to the latest HIV treatments for all who need them.
*AHF's core values are: *
* *
  • Value Employees
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Nimble
  • Fight for What's Right
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YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO OUR SUCCESS!As an important member of the AHF Pharmacy Leadership Team, the collaborative contributions made by the Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center (CRC) is essential to our success including working with various departments within Pharmacy as well as other divisions of AHF, our patients and partners. The skills discussed below are representative of the knowledge, experience and abilities that lead to our success together.
  • The Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center contributes to AHF's mission by presenting a friendly, helpful voice to patients, clients and customers seeking information.*
  • The CRC Pharmacy Director oversees the operation of a highly automated fulfillment facility that operates twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week and 365 days per year, including holidays.*
  • The CRC team is comprised of thirty (30) or more highly skilled pharmacist, technicians and ancillary support staff that ensure fulfillment of AHF Pharmacy patients' medications and supplies are accurate, complete and on time.*
  • The CRC is designed and staffed in such a way that redundancy of knowledge and experience by the team at each work station, is essential in order to keep the operations running at the designed capacity and as scheduled.*
  • The CRC team interacts with the AHF Pharmacy Home Pharmacy locations on a routine basis to help ensure an accurate and complete submission of orders to the CRC on a scheduled basis.*
  • Meeting daily deadlines are essential to help ensure that patients receive their completed orders on time, every time.*
  • The includes oversight of the Central Refill Center (CRC) and working with the Technology Development Team to keep abreast of technology advancements that will enhance our pharmacy operations and improve the outcomes of our services to our patients. This includes technology that will improve workflow, safety and the working environment for our employees.*
  • The Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center can enhance the experience of other AHF Pharmacy employees by being friendly and helpful and by offering to give them a helping hand when they need it. In addition, giving feedback to the Leadership Team about how service could be improved will allow the team member to enhance their contribution.*
  • The Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center adds consistent value to the AHF Pharmacy Team by adapting to various situations with ease and by being flexible.*
  • It is extremely important that the CRC operations be ready to shift priorities, take on additional volume at all times. This becomes necessary during emergencies that occur from time to time due to weather, earthquakes, pandemics, and many other unforeseen incidents.*
  • Skills That Contribute to Our Success*
  • A Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center' superior telephone communication skills, interpersonal skills, customer friendly attitude, motivation to provide outstanding customer service, proactively assisting patients and team members solve various issues and problems related to receiving and providing service from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.*
  • The CRC Director must be accessible to their team and realize that contributions to the support of their team and to the organization are not limited to "9 to 5, Monday through Friday" schedule.*
  • A Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center' understanding of HIPA and AHF Standards for confidentiality, client anonymity, along with the AHF Pharmacy Compliance policy and procedures, assures our patients and clients that AHF and AHF Pharmacy are trusted partners in their overall care and quality of life.*
  • Contributions to training your team to be efficient and through in the maintenance of equipment, particularly the automatic and robotic devices, as well as adhering to the appropriate operation of each device within each team members scope of practice, activity and assignments.*
  • Analyzing market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future supply chain availability and disruptions, along with managing the activities of the purchasing and inventory control procedures in the CRC location are important aspects of the contributions to be made by the Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center.*
  • The specific contributions include the following: *
  • v Reviewing technical specifications for pharmaceuticals and equipment.*
  • v Determine quality and time of deliveries of goods and services by the Central Refill (CRC) hubs.*
  • v Coordination with cut-off times based on Hand Delivery, Commercial Carrier and Patient Pick-up schedules.*
  • v Forecasting upcoming demand*
  • v Working with the Director of Pharmacy Supply Chain, develop an approved vendor list of equipment and supplies*
  • v Provide recommendations for improving performance and manage Performance Improvement projects as indicated*
  • v Help resolve service and logistical problems with the Pharmacy Service Liaisons (PSL) teams.*
  • v Develop and implement, with the Director of Pharmacy Supply Chain, PAR levels and inventory reduction strategies where needed in the CRC locations*
  • *
  • Additional essential contributions include: *
  • Ø Works with the AHF Information Technology Department in generating various reports and records for pharmacy, senior management, finance and other departments as required.*
  • Ø Works with the AHF Information Technology Department in maintaining various interfaces with software, robotic and automated devices.*
  • Ø Develops and implements training programs for pharmacy staff to maximize the use of technology when and where appropriate.*
  • Ø Assist in training pharmacies on the use of Central Support Services.*
  • *
  • Maintaining a neat and clean personal appearance, leaving assigned work station in a neat, clean and orderly condition, ready for the next shift, assisting with the training of others in the workflow and overall services of AHF and AHF Pharmacy contributes to an efficient and error free work place. Additional contributions such as assisting in the development and implementation of new systems and procedures, becoming "HIV Knowledgeable", becoming cross trained in all aspects of the pharmacy operations and accepting assignments on a rotating basis. *
  • Promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the pharmacy division by observing pharmacy teams at work and developing quality assurance techniques to ensure safe, legal and ethical practices, assists AHF in providing "gold standard" customer service and our teams maintain an "Accreditation Ready" state at all times.*
  • Becoming certified when appropriate, based on contracts, grants, Memorandum of Understanding agreements or any other Ryan White or Accreditation Standards, related to training, contributes to the growth of AHF with enrollment of new patients into service and the retention of patients in care. This includes being aware of competitor's, their services, and effectiveness in the market place.*
  • Contributing to the success of patients and clients improvement of their quality of life by participating in various programs and services that enhance our patients' adherence to therapy and treatment, communication with providers and referral sources.*
  • Becoming familiar with all aspects of AHF's mission, core values and scope of services, participating in community activities of AHF, AHF Pharmacy, AHF Affiliates, Affinity Groups and AHF Departments contributes by promoting the mission of AHF and the spirit of "giving back" to the communities we service.*
  • Success for the position of a Pharmacy Director of Central Refill Center requires that the team member have at least a B.S. degree in Pharmacy, a Pharm. D is preferred, from an accredited college or university and have a current Pharmacist license (in the State where employed if required). Have a minimum of three (3) years of recent experience as a Pharmacist In-Charge/Manager or equivalent, have data input skills and experience in pharmacy systems, which includes typing skills and familiarity with Windows PC applications.*
  • Must obtain Non-Resident pharmacy permits for the various states that AHF Pharmacies operate in, including the Pharmacist In-Charge for the states that req uire a state licensed pharmacist.*
  • Must have language skills that include the ability to read and interpret prescription documents, policies, procedures and guidelines, interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, write routine reports and correspondence..... click apply for full job details