Pharmacy IV Technician- Part Time (20 hrs), Westside Medical Center:
Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente
Hillsboro Oregon
Description: The IV technician provides customer-focused srvs to members in the technical aspects of pharmaceutical care & intravenous pharmaceutical compounding, under the direct supervision of the pharmacist & in collaboration w/ the healthcare team. Essential Functions:- Overall Individual Responsibilities: Actively supports organizational & departmental policies & procedures w/in the Partnership. Seeks supervision/consultation or refers to another resource when unable to perform safely, effectively or w/in the role. Presents a professional appearance & approach w/members & other employees; demonstrates honest & ethical behavior. Handles member & employee info w/appropriate sensitivity & safeguards to ensure confidentiality & right to privacy, in compliance w/HIPAA regulatory requirements. Demonstrates & incorporates principles of safety, sterile product processing, & infection control into daily activities as outlined in organization's policies/procedures. Actively supports organizational & Dept's policies/procedures, including established cash handling & asset Mgmt. Contributes to the effectiveness of the team by working together by supporting, promoting & applying the established behavioral & interpersonal standards of conduct, as developed through the Labor/Mgmt Partnership, including those on attendance, mutual respect & support, honoring diversity, effective communication, & improving the work environment. Exhibits flexibility when work assignments need to be adjusted to meet srv delivery needs & workload of team. Takes responsibility to identify, develop & adapt new policies & practices that improve srv & quality of work.- Overall Job Responsibilities: Principle Functions & Duties of the Job (dependent upon setting/location). Cash Handling: Ensures that all cash handling practices are in accordance w/current Reg-l & departmental policies & procedures. Takes precautions to secure funds & to minimize the risk of robbery &/or theft. Places starting cash fund in cash register at the beginning of work-day & operates cash register according to established policies & procedures. Completes daily cash-out procedure, including balancing or documenting discrepancies according to Deptal policies & procedures. Accurately & completely compiles daily & month-end cash report. Maintains work logs as necessary. Ensures that cash discrepancies do not exceed Reg-l averages (standards). Demonstrates knowledge & ability to operate cash register systems to accurately complete the sales transaction. Gives each patient a cash receipt. Has refunds & voided transactions cosigned in a timely manner. Closes cash drawer after each transaction.- Customer-Focused Srv: Greets members in an empathetic, sensitive & respectful manner throughout all interactions. Actively listens, maintaining eye contact. Respects individual privacy & maintains strict confidentiality. Responds effectively in order to meet needs. Appropriately triages member needs & concerns. Problem-solves effectively in order to meet member & organizational needs. Handles difficult encounters &/or srv breakdowns in a professional, objective manner. Greets members in a prompt, courteous & caring manner w/eye contact & a pleasant expression, tone of voice, please & thank you. Addresses members by their proper title & last name, & communicates w/them in a clear, positive & informative manner. Provides helpful assistance, taking the time to carefully explain & resolve issues of member concern or taking personal responsibility to connect the member w/the appropriate person. Inspires confidence from members, visitors, & other employees by performing in a highly professional & informative manner at all times. Remains attentive to members in the waiting area. When delays occur, informs members of the reason. Avoids personal conversations when members are waiting for srv. Respects at all times confidentiality & privacy of members & their medical info. Always uses complete discretion when discussing member matters. Adheres to the Region's Quality of Srv Guidelines.- Phone Handling: Answers telephone, receiving, processing & relaying messages as needed w/complete discretion in matters of patient confidentiality. Answers phone w/the location (ex. Kaiser Rockwood Pharmacy), name, & appropriate greeting (ex. good morning, good afternoon, etc.). Demonstrates competence in the operation of the phone system, including transferring, stacking, etc. Requests assistance when required. Triages to the appropriate resource. Gives the caller the opportunity to respond before being placed on hold. Satisfies member request w/in one transfer of a call; stays on the line until the extension is answered to confidentially announce the caller. Follows the current Reg-l/departmental Phone Handling Policies.- Transactions Concerning Members/Medications: Asks for appropriate ID, & records info consistent w/Reg-l policies & procedures to ensure the accurate sale of all prescriptions to the correct patient. Refers any questions or concerns regarding lack of ID, potential fraud or misuse to supervisor or PIC. Documents & follows through on all info concerning a drug dispensing irregularity in accordance w/established policies & procedures. Recognizes importance of accuracy in dispensing & selling of prescriptions & OTC products. Actively participates in departmental quality assurance activities. Adheres to the Pharmacy Technician function of providing appropriate info to the member. Refers any & all questions concerning prescription &/or OTC drugs or other health care related topics to a pharmacist in accordance w/Reg-l confidentiality standards & HIPAA requirements. Reprints a call slip for patient's copy upon request.- Managing Stock, Supplies & Work Area (variable according to the specific worksite/location): Maintains work & waiting areas in a neat & orderly manner at all times; regularly assists in the cleaning of the Dept; all shelves are washed thoroughly on a routine basis. Regularly unpacks & stores supplies, verifies items received against invoices, & stores perishables such as antibiotics in refrigerators per policies & procedures. Checks invoices against orders to make sure that all items are received & charges are correct. Reports all discrepancies to the appropriate person in accordance w/established policies & procedures. Demonstrates knowledge & ability to order all items required in the pharmacy (source such as wholesaler, PSC, General Stores). Orders drugs & supplies in the right amount to reduce outdated medications & eliminate needless inventory stock & storage & informs others of vendor changes. Organizes outdated, overstock & recalled items to ship back to wholesaler &/or Reg-l warehouse for credit on a regular basis. Organizes unclaimed prescriptions for returning to stock & deleting the fills in the computer system. Maintains adequate stock of OTC items & uses appropriate merchandising to ensure correct rotation of stock, neat shelving appearance, cleanliness & pricing. Monitors & maintains inventory & supplies to assure efficient work flow (i.e. filling vial bins, bags, filing prescriptions, etc.). Updates & maintains drug & medical info reference sources as new info becomes available (i.e., Facts & Comparisons, PPL Updates, etc). Reconciles invoices at end-of-month as assigned by supervisor. Ensures Return authorization form w/confirmation (BBDC). Processes FOA returns (BBDC). Accurately completes Nursing/module orders, including proper billing. Properly processes invoices & prescription records & archives in accordance w/Reg-l policies & applicable State & Federal laws & regulations. Ensures appropriate accountability & storage requirements for vaccines. Assures proper functioning of all drug storage equipment (including refrigerators, freezers, Baker Cells, etc). Supports physical inventory processes & policies, & adheres to Reg-l guidelines on Asset Mgmt. Adheres to inventory control policies regarding ordering & receiving of drug inventory.- Prescription Processing: Accurately & completely inputs all prescriptions &/or patient data into the TOPS System according to policies & procedures. Uses correct short codes to reflect correct product, package size & strength, doctor's name & directions. Inputs appropriate comments in comment field & documents medical comments & other appropriate info on the call slip for pharmacist's review. Accurately inputs billing methods, co-pays & fees as appropriate. Properly assesses when manual label is required & types the label according to established label standards. Verifies that the name on the prescription & the name presented on the screen are the same & correct. Accurately pulls appropriate drug & package size, verifying accuracy (including manufacturer) w/ the printed label(s). Correctly calculates quantities needed for corresponding signs & conversions to & from the metric system. Ensures proper processing of FOA's, off-site prescription orders, & special circumstances. Adheres to departmental policies in the filling, processing, handling & security of prescriptions for scheduled medications. Presents completed prescription to the pharmacist for review & verification in a timely manner. Maintains competency in the accurate running, correction, & interpretation of all routine prescription related system reports. Maintains work logs as necessary. Correctly calculates, & has verified, ingredients involved in extemporaneous compounding & documents appropriately in log book.- IV Admixture Srvs: Coordinates the efficient operation of IV admixture srv. Aseptically prepares all sterile admixture requests for members upon receipt of physician orders from all clinical areas in accordance w/established policies & procedures..... click apply for full job details