Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Newport Beach California

The Patient Sitter provides a safe environment for the patient under the direction of the Registered Nurse (RN) on duty. A Patient Sitter supports the patient care team as well as attending to certain, specific needs of the patient. The Patient Sitter provides direct observation of assigned patients to ensure safety and prevention of injury. The Patient Sitter will summon the nursing staff if the patient requires assistance or other nursing intervention outside of the job description. The Patient Sitter receives reports from existing RNs about any patient specific behaviors to observe. The Patient Sitter will maintain a commitment to the philosophy, mission and values of Hoag Hospital. All Patient Sitters will be expected to complete Hoag’s Orientation and Safety Awareness training in which specialized job requirements/skills are defined.


Essential Functions:

Receives existing RN report

  • Receives report from existing RN including any patient specific behaviors to observe.

Provides direct observation of patients

  • Courteously greets patients, identifies self, and explains purpose, maintains visual contact with the patient at all times.
  • Provides support to the patient care team (PCAs, RNs, etc.).
  • Ensures patient’s safety.
  • Observes and reports to the RN concerns or changes in patient behavior.
  • Promptly calls for assistance as needed.
  • Provides care within job duties and responsibilities.
  • Contacts RN or PCA for all bathroom needs (assisting to bathroom, bedpan, urinal).
  • Contacts RN or PCA for all ambulation needs (walking in the hallways, transferring from bed to chair).
  • Does not leave patient unless relieved by another staff member.
  • Notifies RN if tubes, IV, catheter, etc. become disconnected.
  • Reports equipment alarms in the patient room to the PCA or RN.

Assists coordination of tests and procedures

  • The Patient Sitter moves with the patient throughout their hospital stay.
  • Accompanies the patient to other areas of the Hospital for diagnostic tests or upon transfer to other units.
  • Transports patient belongings as required with the patient.
  • Keeps patient room neat and orderly.
  • Maintains a safe, orderly and well equipped environment.

Helps implement safety procedures

  • The Patient Sitter helps make the patient’s environment safe.
  • Evaluates patient’s environment for possible hazards and removes those hazards.
  • Promotes infection prevention. Washes hands before and after patient contact. Follows isolation procedures according to the Infection Control Policy.
  • Competently utilizes technology by demonstrating understanding of the use of unit technology i.e. call systems, bed controls and TV controls etc.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • BLS Certification from American Heart Association
  • Must be able to sit for long periods of time
  • Able to fulfill the physical demand requirements of the job as stated
  • Successful completion of Hospital Patient Sitter training course as part of orientation and must be completed prior to performing the actual Patient Sitter role
  • Aggressive Patient, Confused Patient, Demented Patient, General Safety Rules, Seizure Precautions, Suicide Precautions, Fall Precautions, Restraint
  • Capable of observing patient and remaining alert at all times while on duty
  • Ability to communicate with hospital staff and respond quickly to patient behavioral changes by reporting and summoning assistance
  • Ability to use discretion and courtesy when working with patients, visitors, and staff


Job Preferences:

  • Previous experience with Patients in a Hospital setting
Basic Qualifications