Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Huntington Beach California

The Nurse Practitioner works collaboratively with the physicians in providing multidisciplinary care for adult and geriatric patients requiring services in an outpatient setting of the hospital and may require follow up in the inpatient setting..  The Nurse Practitioner, in collaboration with the medical staff, delivers supportive medical management for a defined patient population according to Hoag standards and regulatory/governing requirements.  In this role, the nurse practitioner maintains a system for coordinating caseload of care throughout the entire episodes of hospitalization and illness, spanning each clinical area in which care is provided and manages each patient’s transition through the system. Provides primary care within the scope of the nurse practitioner license, with emphasis on health promotion, education, coordination of care and emotional support to the patients and families while combining the qualities of both nursing and medicine. Acts as a patient advocate in all ethical and legal aspects.


Collaboration with the Chief Nursing Officer, Executive Medical Director, Department Medical Director(s) in planning, developing, implementing and evaluation departmental goals, objectives, new programs, services and strategic plans.  Plans, implements and evaluates clinical practice development and training needs. Expands scientific base for nursing and/or physicians by participating in nursing research, initiating literature reviews, disseminating recent innovations and research findings relevant to the Centers patient population and patient outcomes.   


Projects an image of professionalism in communication, appearance and conduct.  Supports the mission and vision of the Center


Clinical Practice

Demonstration of competent knowledge, based on hospital policies, procedures and standards, in the care of the patients with cardiovascular disorders. 


Job Responsibilities:  (*denotes privileges granted by the Medical Staff Department of Hoag Hospital)

  • Arrange admission and transfers of patients*
  • Performs history and physicals*
  • Dictates history and physicals*
  • Provides care for patients in the clinic and documents care provided in the patients record
  • Furnishes medications (non-narcotic) and durable medical equipment (DME)*
  • Furnishes controlled substances III, IV, V with appropriate licensure/certification*
  • Furnishes controlled substances II with appropriate licensure/certification*
  • Orders blood products*
  • Orders laboratory tests*
  • Orders radiological, ultrasound studies, nuclear medicine studies, neurological studies*
  • Orders cardiology studies, CT, MR, ultrasound, diagnostics, nuclear medicine studies*
  • Orders pre-op clearance testing as indicated
  • Orders and management of oxygen therapy, orders respiratory treatments, orders pulmonary tests*
  • Orders and may administer medications and IV therapy with the ability to assess and adjust for the appropriate dosing and effects of the medication.
  • Documents in the patient record utilizing documentation guidelines, standards of care and patient goals.
  • Acts as a consultant in clinical settings, maintaining and promoting standards of care
  • Manages and coordinates caseload of care throughout the entire patient hospitalization and illness spanning each clinical area.
  • Assists nursing in coordinating care for assigned patient population.  Coordination of care includes:
    • Pro-active outreach to establish contact with newly diagnosed patients
    • Assisting patients and family with navigation inside and outside the Hoag system
    • Facilitating access to services and timely movement through points of care
    • Transmission of patient information to healthcare team members to enable them to quickly customize care at each point of care in the delivery process
    • Performs follow-up at specific intervals in the outpatient setting and at points of care transition
      • Telephone
      • Clinic visits
      • Patient survey
      • Physician’s office
    • Applies positive verbal and non-verbal skills to achieve service goals of customer satisfaction and positive outcomes.
    • Demonstrates an ability to organize and incorporate new ideas, routines, procedures and skills.
    • Coordinates with other departments and services inside and outside the hospital to achieve the patient’s individual health goals outcome standards.
    • Performs any other duties per approved Nurse Practitioner Standardized Procedure.

      Data Collection, Management and Submission

    • Collects and interprets data for the Center’s patients to identify clinical opportunities for improvement in care.
    • Maintains clinical database in collaboration with the Center’s staff.
    • Prepares data for use by quality reporting departments and improvement efforts both in the Center and broader hospital initiatives.
    • Prepares reports to support administrative, clinical, quality, and financial initiatives.

      Essential Functions

    • Coordinates care for complex patients incorporating age specific assessment date in the development of individualized plan of care.
    • Uses specialized equipment for cardiac patients.
    • Demonstrates clinical competence in identification, assessment and intervention for patients.
    • Collects and reports relevant clinical data.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

Education, Training and Experience


Required:        MSN graduate nurse practitioner program. Evidence of satisfactory performance and completion of proctoring and other requirements required by the Medical Staff Office. Experience in Primary Care physician office.

Preferred:       Experience in adolescent/adult/geriatric care.


Skills or Other Qualifications


  • Comply with annual health evaluation without a reminder.
  • Attend required department and hospital meetings.
  • Maintain CPR, certifications (BLS, ACLS, NALS, PALS, E.P., etc.) per hospital policy.
  • Maintain current license, certification, and registration
  • Complete annual “house-wide mandatories” per hospital/department requirements.
  • Complete competencies per department requirements within expected timeframes.
  • Perform job within hospital/patient safety standards (e.g. codes, fire, disaster, etc.)
  • Perform job in safe manner to avoid injury to self and others, illnesses, and exposure to blood/body fluids, wear personal protective equipment, and uses appropriate safety products.
  • Maintain a personal dress standard in keeping with hospital/department policy and wear approved name badge.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and practices the hospital and department policies and operating procedures. This knowledge may include the use of specialized instrumentation, Quality Control requirements, and preventative maintenance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and practices the standards outlined in Hoag’s Code of conduct as well as additional regulatory or compliance policies applicable to their job responsibilities. Take timely action in response to any matter which raises a suspicion that a violation of law or Hoag Policy has occurred.


Job Qualifications

(Indicate minimum qualification requirements and preferences that apply to the job. Documentation must be kept in the employee’s HR file for all required job qualifications. (Example, if a high school diploma is required, then a copy must be kept in the employee’s HR file.)


Education, Training and Experience


Required:        MSN graduate nurse practitioner program. Evidence of satisfactory performance and completion of proctoring and other requirements required by the Medical Staff Office. Experience in Primary Care physician office.

Preferred:       Experience in adolescent/adult/geriatric care.


Skills or Other Qualifications


Required:        Demonstrates effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, knowledge of proper body mechanics, safety measures and infection control, ability to follow instructions, knowledge of age of population served.


Preferred:      Keyboard skills, knowledge of data collection software.


License and Certifications


Required:        Current licensure as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner in good standing in the State of California. Board certification in area of specialty by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners or American Nursing Credentialing Center. Current BLS and ACLS certification.  Furnishing and DEA license.


 Preferred:       Critical Care Certification.

Basic Qualifications