MedZoomer - Pharmacy Delivery Driver:
Delivery Drivers Inc

Delivery Drivers Inc
Fort Lauderdale

We're excited to have you join the MedZoomer network of drivers. There are plenty of benefits that come from partnering with us including:

- Great pay

- Flexible hours

- Free swag

- A network that has your back!At MedZoomer, we value our partners, which is why we offer benefits other services do not.

- Bundling of Orders - Traditional services bundle 2-3 orders at a time. MedZoomer will bundle up to 20 deliveries from a single pharmacy making your time and profits more valuable!

- Reasonable Working Hours

- There is no need to work late nights or weekends if you prefer not to, and you nobody ever has to get in your car.

- Helping Your Community

- You are helping people get the medications they need to be well and healthy when you partner with MedZoomer.

We hope you join the MedZoomer network!