IT Solutions Lead (Clinical Trials and Health Data):

Raleigh North Carolina

Help us transform patients' lives.

At UCB, we put our heart, soul and skills into making a difference for people living with severe disease.  Working together to push the boundaries, we blend the best of our talents to unlock innovation.  Will you join us in this pioneering adventure?

UCB is inspired by patients, driven by science and we have the desire to apply the latest scientific knowledge, to improve the life of people with severe diseases.


We in the IT Clinical Development team of UCB are looking to strengthen our analytical capabilities, to provide best-in-class technologies with ambitioning to discover the most valuable information.


Therefore, we are seeking for an expert, who is passionate to enables the generation of new insights by implementing innovative analytical and statistical technolgies and who has expertise to identify and lead the implementation of data management systems to make patient and health data available.


With your ambition to explore new capabilities, you will closely interact with other experts in IT and the Clinical Development team to identify and design new solutions.


The role requires a continuous exploration of the inside and outside world, seeking for innovative opportunities in technology and how it can be translated into valuable solutions. With your understanding of clinical trials and health data, you will act as valuable partner for your colleagues in the Clinical Development team.


Your desire to motivate others by impactful communication and to absorb views of others is key to collaborate in a networking environment with partners in in the entire UCB organization worldwide.




Solution Design, Implemenation, Operation


  • You will identify and implement innovative analytical and statistical solutions, which will support the exploration of health and clinical trial data
  • In collaboration with other stakeholders you will design and lead the implementation of a anaylical data management environment, which make the contiounsly growing patient and health data available
  • Together with our compliance experts you will ensure, solutions will meet best quality standards


Work in a network of Stakeholder


  • You will connect to colleagues in the Clinical Development team, in order to facilitate initiatives, to identify and anticipate future opportunities and capabilities
  • During your communication with experts and leaders in UCB and in particular from Clinical Development, you will demonstrate to all stakeholders the value associated with analytical techniques and solutions
  • Your mission requires an intensive interaction with other analytical teams to optimize and validate your solution design


Ensure excellent operation


  • By proactive oversight of the submission relevant statistical SAS environment, you will ensure a failure-free operation
  • Your personal day-by-day engaments and expertise ensures, systems and technology is compliant with regulations, technically in a state-of-art condition




  • University degree, (a degree in a natural science is a plus)
  • 3+ year experience in the Pharma or Biotechnological environment


Experience and Skills


  • Proven expertise of analytical and statistical solutions and it’s usage in a health and research environment; profession experience in SAS or R environment
  • Familiarity with statistical methods and how it is applied to in clinical studies
  • Deep knowledge of clinical trial data and health data and their anaylsis
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to transform complex analytical facts into relevant information for stakeholder leads
  • Deep understanding about the evaluation and implementation of innovative analytical technologies, in particulate in the Health environment.
  • Envision the power of advanced analytical technologies including machine learning and it application to health data
  • Understanding of the design and implementation of data provisioning platforms, in order to make Health data available for analysis
  • Professional experience in in the management and operation of submission relevant analytical system






Employees are generally required to have been in their current position for twelve months before becoming eligible to apply for internal job opportunities.  Furthermore, employees must be in good standing to apply for open positions.  That is, employees may not be on any type of written disciplinary process such as Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), warning, final warning, or Compliance warning letters within the past year (12 months).

Basic Qualifications