Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Newport Beach California

The Counselor I is a member of the Neurosciences Institute and the Chemical Dependency, SolMar, Aspire, and Admin departments (Hoag Addiction Treatment Center or HATC). The Counselor works n close collaboration with the Medical Director, Clinical Managers and all members of the HATC multidisciplinary team. The Counselor is  responsible for exceptional service to all customers, both external and internal. The Counselor  assists drectly and indirectly in the clinical care and case management of the patients, their families and/or significant others throughout the course of treatment, and across multiple levels of care. The primary focus of the Counselor is to support the treatment team in the assessment, treatment planning, referral recommendations, discharge planning, education and direct therapeutic intervention for patients and their families throughout the course of treatment.
The Counselor maintains responsibility for supporting the goals of the patient’s treatment plan, both through direct intervention and through coordination with other members of the team and outside providers by way of referrals when necessary. The Counselor maintains primary responsibility for the patient experience in treatment, and serve as a point of contact for the patient to be connected to the Therapists and other members of the treatment team.
The Counselor is fundamentally members of the Addiction Treatment Center and will be called upon to apply skills to other areas of the program as needed.
The Counselor reports to the Clinical Manager.


Essential Functions
 Executes efficiently and effectively on job responsibilities toward the mission, vision and values of Hoag and HATC.
 Proactive and highly engaged support of the program’s clinical operations and processes, with an emphasis on the highest quality Patient experience and family support.
 Particular focused collaboration required with the HATC medical team, admissions and utilization review team.
 Exceptional communication with family, referral sources, outside professionals, insurance companies and all parties involved in patients treatment and outcome.
 Active in on-going process improvement in quality, efficiency and satisfaction of Patients, staff and all internal/external customer groups.
 Represents Hoag and HATC across multiple channels both inside and outside of the Organization.
 Maintains a working knowledge of program standards, policies and procedures.
 Projects an image of professionalism in communication, appearance and conduct.

 Maintains a high degree of interpersonal skills.


Education, Training and Experience

 Registered Intern (CCAPP or CAADE) or Registered Recovery Worker (RADT-1)

 Experience in addiction/behavioral health environment


Skills or Other Qualifications

 Demonstrates excellent, effective communication, interpersonal skills, organizational ability, and ability to follow instructions.
 High degree of organizational skills. Able to set assignment priorities, work independently within established guidelines and maintain confidentiality
 Creative problem solving skills and abilities.
 Ability to develop and maintain collaborative and synergistic relationships across multiple customers.
 Able to handle ambiguous situations with tact and good judgment.
 Achiever personality style with an eye for continuous improvement in self, others, policies, systems and processes.

Basic Qualifications