Commercial Data Business Translation Lead:

Atlanta Georgia

Key Activities:


  • Support the smooth implementation and operations of Ecosystem Engagement initiatives, including the implementation of an integrated, operationalized patient-centered database. Identify and anticipate roadblocks in the IRIS program, assist with creation of risk mitigation plans
  • Translate business needs into system requirements and specification, UAT use case, etc. for use by technical teams
  • Ensure vendors receive all deliverables and that all document repositories are maintained.
  • Collaborate with Stakeholder Engagement Lead and other team members involved in initiatives on key gaps, by proposing and creating phased solutions
  • Provide cost-benefit insights on proposed solutions to ensure they align to user expectations and business needs from a risk management perspective
  • Identify, create, and document, and manage key processes, workflows, and operational cadences for the patient database, project development, and operations
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and expertise of extended cross-functional project teams 
  • Escalate issues or develop risk management strategies, and hold team members accountable for the project input
  • Coordinate with UCB IT to connect the dots by providing connection between data science and technology thru identification of interdependencies and redundancies


Desired Capabilities:


  • 10-15 years of experience in technical implementation and operations, including projects involving data integration and multiple vendors
  • Experience specifically in analyzing Health Care data
  • Demonstrated ability to engage constructively with internal and external stakeholders to ensure accountability and maintain a collaborative environment
  • Pragmatic ability to evaluating tradeoffs between cost, timeline, and system functionality while being budget conscientiousness.
  • Real time operational reporting capabilities
  • Experience setting up disparate data coming from different systems, creating, developing and integrating real time reporting application to provide business insights.
  • Exceptional organizational and record-keeping skills
  • Desire and ability to learn and adapt to a continually-evolving role; intellectual curiosity and willingness to question decisions and processes that deviate from the desired result


Basic Qualifications