Biology Laboratory Technician:
Astrix Technology Group

Astrix Technology Group
West Jefferson Ohio

Currently seeking PCR, In-Vitro/Micro and ELISA Technicians. This position will provide technical support for performing standard in vitro assays to include, but not limited to ELISA, microneutralization, PCR, and cell-based assays as well as other in vitro-related activities. This position is Monday through Friday and will work occasional overtime on nights and weekends; schedule may include holidays.

• Bachelor's degree in microbiology/molecular biology or other related field.
• PCR and RNA/DNA isolation experience
• Must be a US citizen.
• Ability to obtain/maintain certification in the Biological Suitability Assessment Program
• Ability to obtain/maintain DoJ Security Risk Assessment (SRA) approval.
• Ability to obtain/maintain CDC approval to work with BSAT material.
• Must be willing to work in a biosafety level 2 (BSL2) and/or 3 (BSL3) (biocontainment) environment and able to wear appropriate respiratory protection.
• Must be willing to be immunized with FDA licensed vaccines and Investigational New Drugs (IND) recommended for persons at risk to occupational exposure of biological agents.
• Must be willing to participate in random drug screening.
• Respond appropriately to various alarms and potential emergency situations.
• Sufficiently medically fit to do work in a lab wearing appropriate respiratory equipment and perform all assigned duties.
• Ability to work night, weekend, and holiday hours as required.
• Newly hired employees are subject to a 90 day Introductory Period, during which their performance is evaluated by supervision.

• Preference will be given to candidates with experience working in a BL-2 or BL-3 laboratory and those with knowledge or training in FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
• 1-2 years' experience in a laboratory setting post degree completion preferred.

Job Requirements:
    • Work projects may include but are not limited to:
    o Working with highly hazardous biological materials in Biological Safety Level 2 (BSL-2) and Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory
    o Conducting assays on samples collected from in vivo pathogenicity/efficacy/toxicity studies as well as human clinical samples.
    o Performing standard PCR assays to include preparation of samples (e.g., homogenization of tissues), RNA/DNA isolation, and PCR.
    o May be asked to perform standard microbiological procedures such as plaque assay, TCID50, microneutralization assays, plaque reduction neutralization assays, ELISAs, or flow cytometry
    o Decontaminating equipment and materials
    o Contributing to the development and validation of equipment and biological assays
    o Willing to handle toxic materials
    o Understanding and performing dilutions including mathematical calculations involved
    o Preparing reagents
    o Ability to write and execute study protocols, methods, and SOPs
    o Ability to receive samples and enter information into tracking databases
    o Ability to work independently and efficiently in a team environment
    • Recognize when technical operations deviate from accepted practices.
    • Read SOPs, methods, facility guidelines, etc. used in workplace in a timely manner and adhere to these procedures.
    • Use proper technique to operate necessary equipment to produce high quality data. Operate routine computer programs and perform basic data manipulation in a spreadsheet environment. Set up, validate, and operate laboratory equipment and software. Ensure that all equipment used for studies is routinely maintained and/or calibrated.
    • Perform experiments using ratios, percentages, linear regression algorithms, and other basic mathematical and scientific principles. Organize and interpret scientific data.
    • Conduct Quality Control and Technical reviews of study data.
    • Ensure that the proper solutions are prepared, that solutions and reagents are not beyond their expiration date, and that the proper paperwork is maintained. Be responsible for ordering reagents, supplies, and equipment. Organize, clean, and maintain the facility laboratories in accordance with GLP and ISO guidelines.
    • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding behind application by beginning to troubleshoot and interpret results
    • Maintain a good work attendance record and be punctual for all project work.
    • Adhere to all laboratory safety requirements.