Associate Medical Director:

Atlanta Georgia


We have an immediate need for an Associate Medical Director  to be based at our North America HQ in Atlanta, GA.

Job Summary

Serves as a clinical and scientific expert in Epilepsy and Movement Disorders

Provides medical governance and strategic leadership over medical affairs activities in both epilepsy and movement disorders aligned to evolving neurology therapeutic area priorities:

1. Championing medical strategy and solutions (80%) -- Actively drives innovative US regional leadership, both at project and organization level, to establish and communicate a clear strategic US medical vision to build value for patients in alignment with global mission strategy (80%)

2. Acts as “Clinical and Scientific Expert Partner” to external stakeholders (20%) -- Directly engages in and leads external stakeholder engagement related to national ecosystem priorities (20%)


Major Accountabilities

The Medical Director/Associate Medical Director will be responsible for the following:

1. Strategy & Solutions (80%)

a. Co-lead development of US region medical strategy, stakeholder engagement strategy, and delivery of solutions

b. Serve as medical expert in development of new solutions

c. Ensure appropriate communication of US strategy across internal functional groups (i.e. vertically and horizontally)

d. Provide deep scientific content expertise (e.g. disease state and product) and contribute unique medical insights across key internal functional teams

e. Assess clinical data gaps and co-create solutions to address (e.g. clinical trials, publications, RWE/HEOR)

f. Ensure consistent medical communications and delivery of the core Scientific Platform across solutions

g. Lead medical engagement for key commercial initiatives

h. Promote scientific innovation, in collaboration with New Medicines and Mission teams

i. Derive data generation plans for a specific CNS product or products having indications in a specified therapeutic area (

j. Assess the need for and ensure execution of key exploratory data analysis projects

k. Medical review IIS proposals in the specified therapeutic areas

l. Knowledge management - maintaining expertise in specified therapeutic areas by collecting competitive intelligence and disease state expertise from both literature and KOLs 

m. Assess the need for planning and running medical advisory boards in the specified therapeutic areas

n. Data dissemination – in collaboration with the CNS publication manager, management of the publication plan developed each year

o. Ensuring appropriate focus, timely preparation, review and submission of publications at scientific congresses

p. Quality assurance and review of medical materials including brand promotional materials and internal medical education resources

q. Education and training - development of training materials and programs to ensure brand teams, sales training department and the medical teams have appropriate levels of expertise in relevant disease states and with relevant products

r. Accountability as a scientific/medical expert in the specified therapeutic areas within CNS 

s. Review topics for CME events related to relevant therapeutic areas and provide professional input for symposia development and key congresses in accordance with Company educational programs and scientific communications and publications policies

t. Develop partnerships with key opinion leaders to help determine existing data gaps and appropriate data mining programs for CNS products with indications in therapeutic areas; developing this feedback into a exploratory data analysis plan


2. External Stakeholder Engagement (20%)

a. Acts as a “Clinical and Scientific Expert Partner” to key external stakeholders, driving execution of national ecosystem priorities aligned to US region strategy and reinforcing UCB’s leadership in neurology patient value creation

b. Drive engagement with key external stakeholders (e.g. KOLs, clinicians, Payers) on advanced medical initiatives (e.g. Treatment Guidelines, Care Pathways)


Key Stakeholders:


Internal Engine

Other Ecosystem Mission Leads

Agility Enablement Lead (AEL)

Head Catalysts


Customer Stakeholder Facing Liaisons and Partners



KOLS / TLs associated with mission ecosystem


Education Required:

 MD/DO/PharmD/PhD or equivalent degree with clinical experience in neurology, preferably Epilepsy and/or Parkinson’s Disease



  • MD/DO/PharmD/PhD or equivalent degree with clinical experience in neurology, preferably Epilepsy and/or Parkinson’s Disease:
  • Approximately 3-5 years Associate Medical Director/Medical Science Liaison or equivalent, relevant work experience
  • Specific experience in neurology or neuroscience preferred
  • Knowledge of either neuropathic pain, sleep disorders or movement disorders highly preferred   
  • Understanding of drug development and regulatory environment
  • Ability to critically analyze research design, methods, and outcome measures
  • Willing to take initiative on advance projects and able to identify what is necessary to complete tasks
  • Knows how to be a team player and willing to work collaboratively across the organization
  • Excellent skills in professional interactions
  • Communicates clearly, concisely, and is easily understood in written materials and presentations
  • Strong strategic thinking acumen and track record for operational excellence
  • Market expertise in health systems including physician practices, patient experience and large medical groups/integrated delivery networks/accountable care organizations preferred
  • Must have a performance rating of « meets expectations » or better on two most recent performance reviews
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in managing, developing, and influencing teams
  • Demonstrated excellence in written and verbal communications
  • Demonstrated strength in business planning, tactical plan development and execution


Job Description

Section 2: Competencies & Proficiency Levels

Level 3: Designs and empowers- Medical, scientific and therapeutic area expertise

• Helps teams achieve a broad knowledge of disease state, standards of care and local healthcare practices that allows them to create patient value creation and advancement of nPVU objectives.

•Maximizes value of UCB products and support services by ensuring that an agile, responsive, iterative and collaborative development approach is applied aligning the right solutions with the right patients at the right time.


Level 4: Drives and inspires- Health Ecosystem awareness and shaping

• Serves as subject matter expert on entire UCB ecosystem with specific focus on the mission ecosystem, including the characteristics that define individual ecosystems, and the driving insights behind different ecosystem strategies.

• Uses knowledge of ecosystem business, political, cultural and professional issues to enable patient value creation through applied nPVU resources to opportunities and challenges.

• Creates and upholds individual ecosystem mission strategic plans.


Level 4: Drives and inspires- Business and financial acumen

• Holds lead responsibility for delivery of mission specific activities and objectives emphasizing shared accountability with squads.

• Coaches squads on stakeholder healthcare strategies and business priorities to ensure that each squad is positioned to deliver patient value and align on business objectives.

• Ensures squads are consistently infused with the insights to drive positive value creation, are operating in an agile manner, and are leveraging cross functional engagement and accountability.

• Instills UCB business principles and organizational priorities throughout the mission team to ensure they are reflected in all strategic planning, innovation, development and deployment activities within the mission.


Level 4: Drives and inspires- Strategic Planning

• Together other mission leads, establishes core US NPVU strategies to build consensus around shares approaches to patient value creation, and access to appropriate care.

• Sets standards for mission strategy and planning process and oversees to ensure that individual mission strategic s are aligned with nPVU strategies and priorities.

• Performs update reviews of all strategies and action plans on a regular basis to ensure that they reflect current ecosystem characteristics and UCB priorities.

• Represents the interests of the mission ecosystem in the nPVU planning cycle process.


Level 4: Drives and inspires -Patient Value Engagement

• Promotes an aggressive, innovator culture around patient value.

• Continually links plans and challenges back to patient value creation and nPVU strategic drivers.

• Partners with and within cells to drive specific, short term deliverables associate with responsive agile approaches to patient value objectives.

Level 4: Drives and inspires- Delivering impactful results

• Ensures that all ecosystem plans align with UCB goals for appropriate use of nPVU brands, and reflect maximum value creation opportunities within target stakeholders.

• Tracks performance of mission activities and uses regular status meetings to review progress and address variances.

• Works with Internal Engine to ensure that alignment across stakeholder approaches is consistent with overall nPVU objectives


Level 3: Designs and empowers- Learning through experience

• Empowers teams to learn from successes and failures

• Empowers colleagues to use space for innovation while ensuring strategic consistency.

• Inspires and models a flexibl and agile mindset that encourages novel ideas and solutions to be tested.

• Encourages others in the value of personal reflection to stimulate learning and growth.

Working together


Level 4: Drives and inspires

• Promotes cross-disciplinary coordination to ensure stakeholders and patients receive benefit of a rich, integrated value creation effort  

• Works as an evangelist and educator for the ecosystem-driven G2M model.


Level 3: Designs and empowers- Leading Others

Communicates the nPVU vision with sense of purpose and enthusiasm, and ensures strategic priorities are understood and acted upon

• Provides coaching and support to team and colleagues to encourage learning and development

• Accurately assesses each person’s strengths and uses them to get the best out of him or her

• Motivates and influences a wide range of colleagues including direct reports, team members and project members


Basic Qualifications